Where to find Sekiro Snap Seeds and when to use them

Do you really need Seriko Snap Seeds? The Hirata Estate Lady Butterfly boss suggests you do, specfically when someone tells you in Sekiro that you can't win against her without Snap Seeds to cancel her illusion techniques. This guide has all the Seriko Snap Seed locations and how best to use them. While some players think Snap Seeds aren't entirely essential to take on Lady Butterfly, there's no reason why you shouldn't make life easier on yourself and gain every advantage you can. 

Where can you find Sekiro Snap Seeds?

sekiro snap seeds locations

You will get one Sekiro Snap Seed from an NPC on your way into the Lady Butterfly boss fight, but the main place to pick them up in the early game is during the Great Serpent sneaking mission - when you’re creeping through the bushes, hide in the small tent after the ice wall you hug and stab the snake. This will drop multiple seeds in the area that you can go back to and pick up. Simply look for the glowing item icon next to the little hut where you stabbed him. Five should be more than enough for your troubles, but you can also pick some up in Mibu Village from the vendor next to the idol, but that is way late in the game. Useful if you haven’t beaten Lady Butterfly by that point though. 

Outside of that, you can grab one or two in the Bodhisvatta Valley where the Toxic Mob vendor is staying, as well as a pack of two below you after the Sunken Valley Passage idol in the Gun Fort. When you beat the late-game boss True Corrupted Monk you’ll be able to buy them from every vendor, so if you really want to stock up for your next playthrough, you’re sorted!

What do Sekiro Snap Seeds do?

Sekiro snap seed use

The main reason you need Sekiro Snap Seeds is to get rid of illusion techniques. Lady Butterfly will summon hordes of ghost soldiers in her second phase, making everything much more difficult than it needs to be. If you pop a Snap Seed when they’re skulking about, those in an AOE around Sekiro will disappear. It’s really only useful when you feel fairly safe, as it forces you into an animation that Ms Butterfly can capitalize on. Be careful.

Outside of that, you can use it on the Corrupted Monk boss in Mibu Village to stun him, as he is a phantom. Similarly, it has effects on late-game apparition enemies if you’re really struggling.

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