Save $100 on home arcade setups for Street Fighter 2, Galaga, and more


You can play Street Fighter 2 on just about anything these days, but there will always be something special about sidling up to a cabinet and choosing your fighter. The experience of going shoulder-to-shoulder with a friend/rival and mashing out dragon punches can be tough to replicate at home. Typically, you'd have to spend thousands on buying and maintaining an original arcade cabinet, or put a ton of work into building your own emulated facsimile. Enter Arcade 1Up, a new line of 3/4-scale (they're just shy of 4 feet and 60 pounds) cabinets that aim to give you an easy, more-affordable route to a home arcade.

The Street Fighter 2 cabinet will arrive along with four others starting on September 27, each with official panel art and classic controls for their respective games. You can pre-order your own cabinet right now, and you might as well save $100 off their usual price by picking them up at Walmart.

Street Fighter 2 Arcade 1Up cabinet for $299 (save $100) at Walmart: The seminal fighting game comes to your living room with the Champion Edition, Turbo, and The New Challengers versions all built in. 

Galaga Arcade 1Up cabinet for $299 (save $100) at Walmart: Get your retro shoot-'em-up fix whenever you like with this cabinet featuring both Galaga and Galaxians. 

Asteroids Arcade 1Up cabinet for $299 (save $100) at Walmart: If you prefer your space adventures to be vector-based, you could go for a mix of Asteroids, Tempest, Major Havoc, and Lunar Lander from Atari. 

Centipede Arcade 1Up cabinet for $299 (save $100) at Walmart: True arcade connoisseurs know it's all about the trackball and this cabinet delivers with Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, and Crystal Castles. 

Rampage Arcade 1Up cabinet for $299 (save $100) at Walmart: Want some more variety? This Midway Classics cabinet offers up Rampage (with support for up to three players), Gauntlet, Joust, and Defender. 

If you're curious about how the cabinet itself comes together, check out this instructional video from Arcade 1Up. You'll only need a Phillips screwdriver to put the whole thing together and it should take less than an hour to make. The company also plans to sell cabinet risers for the old-school standing arcade experience, as well as official stools if you need appropriate seating.

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