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Where to buy RTX 3070 laptops: get an exquisite 30-series laptop right now

RTX 3070 laptops
(Image credit: Nvidia)

RTX 3070 laptops will be a part of one of the biggest leaps in gaming laptops' power, capability, and attractiveness this year. The best gaming laptops have always incorporated the latest tech to give us portable powerhouses, but RTX 3070 laptops, and 30-series laptops in general, coming this year will represent a generation-on-generation leap that we haven't seen in a long while - if ever. 

RTX 3070 laptops, along with RTX 3080 laptops and RTX 3060 laptops, will offer levels of gaming performance that was often only reserved for the best gaming PCs - like the ASUS ROG GA15 PC that I use in my setup - 2021 will truly be the year for many to upgrade and take the plunge with a 3070 laptop or one of its siblings.

Perfect for machines that have become even more pivotal to home life this year, excelling as go-to work and play machines - for Reasons In Particular this past year or so. While 3080 laptops might get all the limelight given the brand new GDDR6X RAM and the graphics cards exquisite placing in the market generally, RTX 3070 laptops, we think, could be some of the best-selling and slightly underrated (only slightly) machines going. Owning the middle ground of Nvidia's 30-series range, RTX 3070 laptops look to us like value-busting options that will offer terrific returns for the required investment. And remember, it won't just be an investment in a new entry into the best graphics cards market as you'll also likely get a new display option, a new processor, and maybe even some faster RAM under the hood too. 

You name them, they'll be making them and we'll soon start seeing Razer laptops and Alienware laptops - and everyone else - offering quality RTX 3070 laptops for a range of budgets.

What with RTX 3070 laptops starting to crop up for sale now, we've gathered together some latest deals and prices, and retailer quick links here in this article to point you in the right direction - you may even get an RTX 3070 laptop deal as a result.

RTX 3070 laptop prices - current deals & prices

MSI GP66 Leopard | $1,800 $1,699.99 at Newegg
Incredible - an RTX 3070 laptop deal with a genuine price reduction already! It's a great offering all in and will bag you a 512TB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and an i7-10750H processor to boot. As early RTX 3070 laptops and their prices go, this is cracking.View Deal

HP Omen 15 | $1,699.99 at Best Buy
If HP's Omen range is more your bag then this 3070 laptop price is very decent value too. You get that HP Omen quality and some healthy components to accompany the RTX 3070 graphics card inside.View Deal

ASUS TUF FX516PR | $1,749.99 at Amazon
This is a very keenly priced laptop featuring that shiny new RTX 3070 graphics card. Coming from ASUS, too, you know this laptop has quality built into its very DNA. Supported strongly by an 11th-gen Intel processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD, this is a great deal. (Hurry, though, as there's only a few left at the time of writing!)View Deal

The attraction of the RTX 3070 as the middle ground is well-warranted as the machines will offer extraordinary gen-on-gen performance but won't cost nearly as much as an RTX laptop - though they also won't sport that brand spanking new GDDR6X memory. Nonetheless, RTX 3070 laptops will be incredibly popular in the first half of this year.

As a result, it might be that stock will fluctuate, or remain bang out unavailable for a while, but as we've seen with every hardware launch recently, it's worth persevering and retrying as stock refills happen without so much as a notification. Just ask the folks who were lucky enough to buy RTX 3070 graphics cards!

MaxQ technology will still be apparent throughout the ranges and will no doubt be applied to 3070 laptops. This will result in some performance being 'lost' as the compact design of the GPU is altered ever so slightly to go mobile, but these are still world-beating chips to get into great laptops.

RTX 3070

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you're looking for the graphics cards themselves, you'll need to have lady luck on your side as the most important factor. These guides will have you pointing in the right direction despite the cards being as rare as anything nowadays. You'd actually have more luck trying to buy a PS5!

If the top-performing graphics cards have whetted your appetite, then why not browse the best CPU for gaming you can get, as well as the best RAM for gaming.

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