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Reminder: SFX Has A New Online Home From Next Month

But don't worry, we'll still be doing all the usual things on Facebook and Twitter

There’s a solid chance you’ve heard about the big changes afoot at and In case you somehow missed it, here’s the headline news: we’re moving to a dedicated corner of the whopping big entertainment portal from the middle of next month. In fact, some of our TV reviews are already live on GamesRadar right now! Why don’t you take a shufti at our latest reviews of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead to get a rough idea of how things will start to look?

But if you like chatting with your chums on SFX , contributing to mag discussions and sending us your post- Doctor Who thoughts, you can still do all that, because nothing is changing in our social media channels. That's right, Facebook , Twitter , email and the rest, that's all still there. You can still use the same online store (opens in new tab) to buy mags too. That's all still the same.

But for news, reviews and features we'll be making the leap to next month. Sure, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to It's a site that we’re all immensely proud of – thank you to everybody who's worked on it and supported it over the years. But the internet is evolving fast and we believe that GamesRadar will set us up for the future as well as delivering a much nicer reading experience (especially if you like to read reviews on your mobile phone or tablet). Plus it means you'll get access – only if you want it! - to movie articles from Total Film and games articles from GamesRadar. It's all adding to the mix giving you more choice than ever.

We realise it’s going to take some getting used to, but aside from a slightly different URL and a new look not a whole lot is actually changing. The community that's grown over the years and was accustomed to chatting with the SFX gang online can still do that using Facebook and Twitter. And we really hope you’ll join us at GamesRadar, to make our part of it a thriving place for sci-fi fans to hang out.

PS. SFX and Total Film print and digital magazines remain completely unaffected by the changes online. Look out for SFX 254 , in shops and on your iPad now!

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