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P.T./Silent Hills demo walkthrough

After a fairly low-key and ambiguous appearance at Sony's Gamescom presentation, PS4 players were encouraged to download the mysterious 'P.T.' demo from the PlayStation store. This appeared to be a tense first-person horror game set in an endlessly repeating corridor, featuring a ghoulish tale of a murdered family and a ghostly figure that stalked anyone brave enough to press on down the hallway.

As you will no doubt have read by now, completing this demo reveals that it's actually a 'Playable Teaser' for the new Silent Hill game, directed by none other than Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. However, reaching this finale is no mean feat, as several of the puzzles have convoluted solutions and the method listed here for completing the final challenge is not the sort of thing you'd stumble across by accident. Connect a headset (the one bundled with the PS4 will do) and ensure the microphone is switched on before you start, as you'll need this later on to unlock the ending.

Please note that although this guide is based on several playthroughs of the demo, due to the random nature of some of the events your experience may differ slightly.

Head to page 2 to begin the walkthrough.