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How to get Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Shield, and evolve it into Galarian Rapidash

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Galarian Pokemon are running amok in Sword and Shield, which means a tonne new creature variants to discover. One of the key Pokemon Sword and Shield differences is that there are some Galarian Pokemon exclusive to each version. Pokemon Sword players will get Sirfetch'd, the leek sword brandishing evolution of Farfetch'd (along with Galarian Farfetch'd of course), but getting the Pokemon Sword and Shield Ponyta means buying Pokemon Shield over Sword. 

There's no wonder it became quite the anticipated additions ahead of the Pokemon Sword and Shield release date, as The Pokemon Company set up a 24-hour stream just to reveal its cotton candy mane makeover. So if you want to add one to your party, here's how to get Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Sword. 

How to get Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Shield

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Interestingly, there is only one place in the whole of Galar when you can catch a Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Sword. It'll appear in tall grass but won't appear in the overworld, but only within Glimwood Tangle, which is north from Stow-on-Side, en route to Ballonlea. It's one of the most beautiful areas of the game, full of glowing mushrooms and mystery, which feels befitting for Galarian Ponyta. 

Make sure that you move slowly through the long grass in Glimwood Tangle, as Ponyta is rare and easy to scare too. 

How to evolve Galarian Ponyta into Rapidash in Pokemon Shield

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You can't catch a Galarian Rapidash in the game, which means that the only way to get one is to evolve it from Galarian Ponyta. Thankfully, there are no hidden tricks to evolving it either. Just get your Galarian Ponyta to Lv. 40 and it'll evolve into Rapidash, and gain the Fairy Type along with it.

How to get Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Sword

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The only way to get Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Sword (and therefore Galarian Rapidash too) is to trade with someone with Pokemon Shield. 

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