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Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Quiz: How to answer all of Opal's questions

(Image credit: Nintendo)

When you reach the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym, the leader, Opal, will have some questions for you. This is a unique Pokemon Sword and Shield gym which sees you answer a series of questions in order to progress, and they range from general Pokemon knowledge to very specific things that left even us confused at first. If you fail the quiz, you'll need to start the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym all over again, and we don't want that, do we? Here are all of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym quiz answers so you can sail past the questions with ease.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Do you know about Fairy type's weakness?

a) Poison Type (correct)

b) Steel Type 

What was the previous Trainer's name?

What do I eat for breakfast every morning?

**Questions continue during main Gym battle**

Do you know my nickname?

What is my favorite color?

How old am I?

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