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Peter Sarsgaard is barking

Given how seriously he takes his career these days (Flightplan doesn’t count), we didn’t expect Peter Sarsgaard to be yukking it up in a fun comedy.

But when said laugh-fest comes from the pen of Mike White, the man behind School Of Rock and the upcoming Nacho Libre, you can understand why he might be convinced.

Year Of The Dog is also White’s directorial debut (let’s hope he doesn’t argue with himself a lot on the set – that really upsets actors) and he’s already got Molly Shannon on board. She’s playing Peggy, a secretary without a care in the world who is content to live alone with her beloved dog, Pencil. But when the pooch keels over, she’s forced to go on a journey to discover a life for herself.

Sarsgaard is one of four new faces joining the cast – Laura Dern, Ray’s Regina King and John C Reilly have also signed up. White will kick off shooting next month and we’ll eat a bowl of Pedigree Chum if a load of his comedy friends *coughJackBlackcough* don’t show up for some cameo fun.