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Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

The Underworld

Underworld: The World Beneath – 1 Mark

10. Upon reaching the teleporter in this area you will see a dark energy plate and a checkpoint. To the left of the checkpoint is a burrowing creature with a floating jellyfish nearby. Either dodge or kill those two, avoid the second jellyfish and jump to the upper right platform. Dodge the second burrower and then leap to the right wall. From here wall jump your way to the top to find this Mark.

Underworld: Lost Passageways – 1 Mark

11. Part way through this stage you will pass a gauntlet involving dark energy streams being shot out of the ground, flying jellyfish and burrowing creatures spitting energy balls at you. After you survive this onslaught you will trigger a checkpoint. Drop down, go to the left and then wall climb up to the right to find the Mark waiting for you.

Underworld: The World Beneath

There is one more Mark in this area but it requires the Launch Pad ability to reach so this will have to wait awhile before being gotten.

Underworld: Crypt of the Ancients – 1 Mark

12. As you explore this area you will find a projector that fires red bullets down at you in a 180 degree spread. Intertwined with this are two blue and two red flying jellyfish. When you pass this continue to the right, past the exploding bug, more jellyfish and down the pit. Here you will find a color switching turret that is filling the area with bullets and both colors of spider in between you and the Mark.

Underworld: The Buried Empire – 1 Mark

13. After getting Smite you will reach a large room at the topmost part of the map that contains a number of turrets that alternate what color bullets they fire. You must scale the red and blue platforms while color changing to avoid being smacked around. When you reach the far left side of the room you will see a yellow elevator. Leap onto it and then drop off to the left – this will drop you into the pit that the Mark is contained within.

Underworld: Crypt of the Ancients

You’ve already cleared this area of Marks.

Underworld: The Underground River – 1 Mark

14. Just before you reach the upper central chamber fully of bullets of both types you will enter a small room with two ledges – one has a small leech and the other has a larger leech that fires bullets. Get onto the upper ledge where the large leech is and leap to the far right wall. Using wall jumps you can get to the top where the Mark is located.

Underworld: City of the Dead – 1 Mark

15. After fighting your way past the first long tunnel of enemies and traps you will reach a large room with bullets coming down two long vertical shafts. Make your way to the middle block, leap to the right wall with blue energy and then up to the top. As you get to the top there will be red and blue energy to contend with so either swap colors rapidly to avoid taking damage or just take the hit, grab the Mark and get the heck outta there.

Underworld: The Underground River / Boss: The High Priestess

Nothing to be had in either of these areas. However killing the High Priestess will allow you to use the Teleport ability to return to stages that you have previously been to so it’s time to do some backtracking.