Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

What happens when Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia games are crossbred with Ikaruga? You get the bizarre combination that is Outland. This action-platformer will task you to navigate through five dangerous levels as you pick up the skills required to stop the Sisters from escaping their seal. This isn’t going to be easy and you’re going to need to learn how to use the energy shifting mechanic to take down those that in between you and your destiny.

But if just fighting your way through the game is too much for you then you can gather up numerous tools to assist you. Most notable amongst these are the various Mark of the Gods relics hidden throughout the stages. There are 42 of these golden artifacts hidden for you to find throughout the game and they will take almost all of your skills to find as they are scattered throughout the various lands you will explore. But as tricky as it may be at the end of that path is a wonderful reward: the Sword of the Gods will double your melee damage, making the final boss fight much more manageable.

Oh sure it unlocks concept art and a few other, lesser abilities but this is really what we’re working towards. This guide will help you get your hands on these sometimes devilishly hidden collectibles.

Origins || The Jungle || The Underworld || Backtracking pt. 1 || The City || The Sky || Backtracking pt. 2 || Eternity




Origin: The Story Begins – 2 Marks

1. Near the very beginning of the game you will be shown how to wall jump. Just after this you will see the Mark across a pit from you – it’s basically impossible to miss. It might seem very far away but a simple running leap will carry you to it.

2. Shortly after the first Mark you will use your wall jumps to reach a blue energy emitter. Go down the ladder here and then leap to the quasi-concealed ladder to your right to find the Mark tucked away up here.

Origin: Rites of Passage – 2 Marks

Neither of these two Marks are available until you get the Slide ability so don’t even bother going to look for them until you obtain that.

3. After getting the slide you will come to a point where the path will fork up and down to your right. Take the lower path past the spiders and energy balls; in a large room at the bottom, with a pair of spiders, this collectible waits.

4. With the slide in hand make your way back to the start. This is done by taking the small slide passage to the upper left in the large room with the switch that leads out of the stage. When you near the start of this level you should easily see the slide passage on your right as you get back to where the beasts were walking around the two blocks. Simply slide over to it to gather the second mark.

Origin: Crossroads of the Worlds – N/A

There are collectibles here but you cannot reach them. You lack both Smash and Launch Pad, preventing you from reaching the locations, so just follow the straight path to the arch that lets you relive a bit of your ancestors’ life. After you reach the Sisters the Ancient Hero’s section will end returning you to this area. But from here you’re just going to go to the next area as you still have no new abilities.

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