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New Spider-Man: Homecoming TV spot is wonderfully weird, features DJ Khaled for some reason

It’s a well-established fact that adding DJ Khaled to anything makes it a billion times better. So it stands to reason that Spider-Man: Homecoming would get in on the act, with a frankly surreal clip. And, yes, DJ Khaled is playing himself.

The clip sees Spider-Man running late for Tony Stark’s NBA Finals party (well, duh) and in a you-couldn’t-make-it-up story, is stuck behind DJ Khaled in a local convenience store. Cue miscommunication and Khaled snapping a pic – and another one – of Spidey with Khaled’s plus ones (plus twos?).

I highly doubt this is going to turn up in the movie – it’s one big ad for the NBA Finals after all – but it’s surprisingly well-crafted for a promotion. Tom Holland, too, once again shows off that he’s the perfect guy to play the webhead: the right blend of awkwardness and shameless posing.

And, hey, the more we see of everybody’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man before next month’s release date, the better.

Image: Marvel

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