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New PS5 game coming from Concrete Genie developer

concrete genie
(Image credit: PixelOpus)

A new PS5 game is on the way from the developer behind Concrete Genie. 

Earlier today on June 3, a job listing appeared online for a Principal Graphics Programmer at PixelOpus, the developer behind 2019's Concrete Genie. "PixelOpus, creator of the award-winning Concrete Genie, is seeking outstanding talent to join our passionate and creative family in crafting an exciting new PS5 title," the job description reads.

Evidently, it would appear that the developer behind Concrete Genie is already working on a brand new game for the next-gen hardware. "This position specializes in programming that centers around the graphics functionality of the PlayStation 5 and Unreal 5 game engine, but with our small team, responsibilities will be diverse," the job listing further reads, revealing that whatever this new game is, it'll be built using Epic's powerful next-gen Unreal Engine 5.

Right now, there's no further information to go on surrounding the new game from PixelOpus. We can glean from the job listing itself that the game will be a PS5 exclusive and we also know what engine it'll be using. However, we don't know if the new game will be a sequel to 2019's Concrete Genie, or something else entirely from the developer.

If you're unfamiliar with the game itself, it was a PS4 exclusive that saw a young boy called Ash journeying his way around a small-town setting, using a magical paintbrush to bring giant creatures to life on the walls of said town. You'd navigate puzzles and Ash's journey to overcome his bullies by using this mysterious newfound power of the brush. 

In terms of the Unreal Engine 5 though, it was originally revealed by Epic Games in May 2020, showcasing an impressive tech demo running entirely on the PS5, which at that point hadn't even been revealed yet. Since the new game engine was revealed, we've seen a handful of games reveal through job listings that they'll be using Unreal Engine 5, including BioShock 4 and Wasteland developer inXile's new project. Just recently, a new tech demo launched for the engine, which had a hidden command for its gigantic robot.

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