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New Predators featurette goes live

Topher Grace. "That 70's Show", Win A Date With Tad Hamilton . Spidey 3 . Shudder.

Luckily for him, Robert Rodriguez has faith that the much maligned star can bring something a little different to the cast of Predators , and who are we to argue with the master of leftfield casting? (He's the guy who brought back Mickey Rourke in Sin City , a full two years before Aronofsky made The Wrestler )

Grace plays Edwin, a doctor who the hardened killers among the group feel is somewhat misplaced, but Rodriguez assures us 'Edwin has seen and done horrible things - he has a secret.'

We're betting his secret has something to do with killing a lot of people - not a spoiler, we're just saying. Why else would the Predators bring him along..?

Check out the featurette below (double-click to start);

So... changed your mind about Topher Grace? Or still not forgiven him for Spidey 3 ? Let us know!

Predators is released August 13 th.