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New Metroid: Other M Trailer suggests that Samus will be more of a team player

A new Japanese trailer for Metroid: Other M has just released, which shows off some story cutscenes and additional gameplay footage. The first half of the cutscene introduces you to the team that Samus will be working with in the game’s opening area. Adam Malkovich is supposedly based on the Adam you meet in Metroid Fusion. The purple monster is a boss that can be defeated with missiles after your teammate freezes its arms.

We were expecting Samus to ditch her team shortly after the game’s opening level, but you’ll notice clips of the team in several different environments, perhaps suggesting that you’ll be working together for a larger portion of the game than originally expected. Check out the entire trailerbelow for yourself.

Above: Samus may be less of a loner in Metroid: Other M

Above: The new Japanese trailer for Metroid: Other M

July 28, 2010