New Halo 3 map revealed - with screens

Bungie has lifted the lid on a third map set to feature in its Halo 3 Legendary map pack which is out next month.

Check out Blackout right here:

Blackout, producer Allen Murray explains, is "a UNSC research station set in the Arctic, and I am pretty sure that this is also where all of the R&D on military grade Otter Pop rations took place.

"Early on I thought it was going to be an oil derrick, but that changed over time. We have some cool racks of glacier core samples, Doppler radar and other pieces of research gear strewn about, which makes for a nice touch - and when you look up to see them make sure you notice the beautiful Aurora Borealis in the sky."

He continues, "There were other, more outlandish settings done in the concept phase, but we'll keep those secret as you never know when we'll dig into that bag and pull it out for a future project."

The Legendary Map pack is to be released on April 15 for 800 points.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 26, 2008