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Naughty Dog shares and praises this incredibly realistic Clicker cosplay

The Last of Us Clicker
(Image credit: Sony)

A The Last of Us fan has created a seriously realistic-looking Clicker cosplay which is so good, Naughty Dog even gave them a personal shoutout. 

The cosplay artist is SFX make-up enthusiast Allie aka @donttouchmymilk (opens in new tab) on Instagram, and Naughty Dog was so impressed with the design that they gave the cosplayer a shoutout on Twitter with the caption “we stopped dead in our tracks to admire Donttouchmymillk's Clicker cosplay! Fantastic work!” 

The studio is currently encouraging fans to send in their themed art, tattoos, and cosplays for other fans to also appreciate. 

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Allie was quick to return the appreciation to Naughty Dog sharing another snap of her Clicker look to her Instagram (opens in new tab) adding “thank you so much to @naughty_dog_inc for sharing my #clickercosplay on their social media yesterday. It 100% blew me away and I am so humbled by the response.”

This isn’t the only impressive The Last of Us cosplay that has caught our attention lately, as Jocelyn Mettler - aka the face model of Abby in The Last of Us 2 - cosplayed the character as part of their Halloween celebrations last year. To be fair, on this occasion Mettler only had to put on a muscle suit and braid her hair, but regardless we’re impressed with how she brought this character to life. 

Fans aren’t just sharing their cosplays from the game though, as one went as far as reimagining The Last of Us as a pixel game which Naughty Dog co-president and The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann also showed his appreciation for. 

Here’s hoping that the characters in the upcoming The Last of Us TV Show look as good as these cosplays do, however, if this fan-made video which places the stars of the upcoming show into the game’s cutscenes is anything to go by, we think Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will do just as good of a job of becoming Joel and Ellie as Allie and Jocelyn did with their characters. 

If you’re after more The Last of Us content, take a look at our The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs list to see all the hidden references you may have missed.

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