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Name your own price indie games bundle

If it feels like there's a new Humble _______ Bundle every week, that's because, well, there sort of is. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get excited at the ability to get a bunch of indie games on the cheap! Or, in this case, on the super cheap.

GamesRadar is helping to promote StackSocial's first charity-driven "Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle." What's inside the box? Aztaka, The Journey Down: Chapter 1, and iBomber Defense, all for as little--or as much--cash as you want. There's a few more games, such as Blades of Time, Cubemen, and SpaceChem if you shell out more than the average.

The overall value, if you were to buy all of these PC/Mac games, would be over $60, so you're making a killing no matter how much you spend. Well, unless you spend like $80, but that's sort of on you. 10% of the money spent goes to a charity of your choice, though, so you can feel good about yourself as you play games you spent a few bucks on--it's win-win.