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Murdered: Soul Suspect side quests guide

Near Gas Station 

Talk to Brad near the cannon in the park where the crashed car is.

Look at the License Plate on the ground just behind the car.

Look at the broken Whiskey Bottle to the left of the car.

Look at the Gas Station receipt on the ground through the opening between the bushes and the low wall next to the car.

Next up, go to the right of the car, through the broken wall to find the gas station.

Check the gas pump to reveal the refuelling woman.

Go to the left of the refuelling woman to reveal the vomiting man.

Next go to the payphone and reveal Brad there.

Choose to find the answer and select each of the three options available. Then go to man at the door at the gas station who is feeling around the door frame.

Influence man at the door and choose “Mysterious bang” to get an explanation.

Return to Brad to solve the case.

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