Murdered: Soul Suspect side quests guide

Shipyard Park 

At the beach, near the church entrance, there is a crying young woman in need of help. Talk to her to kick off the side quest.

To start, look at the Framed Picture next to the picnic table.

After that, look at the life preserver that you can reveal in the middle of the group of small crosses.

Just behind the crying woman, you can find this next clue that needs to be revealed. It is a small group of candles.

Just in front of the woman, look in the bushes there to see a part of a newspaper that needs to be revealed.

Finally, find the flowers on the rowboat, which can be hard to spot, but are directly behind where the candles are.

Return to Julie with the three answers of “Newspaper Obituary, Framed Picture, and Bouquet of Flowers”, and she will be off.

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