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Murdered: Soul Suspect ghost stories guide

A Watery Grave 

1: You can find this first water tank in the Pool Room at the end of the first hall.

2: You can find this water tank in the Laundry Room across from the hiding ghost girl on the first floor.

3: Just before you go up the stairs to the second floor, you can find this to the left of the stairs.

4: On the second floor, look in the closet of apartment 2A where the people are playing cards to find this tank.

5: In apartment 3B on the third floor where the two man party is going on, look for this tank in the corner of the room.

6: Go to the fourth floor and go all the way to the end of the first hall to find this in the corner.

7: When you are in the crime scene apartment, go to the washroom to find this tank.

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