Murdered: Soul Suspect ghost stories guide

Man in the Box 

1: When you first enter the asylum, talk to the receptionist and in the room across from her office will be this first jacket on the ground behind the desk.

2: When you go up the first set of stairs, go around to the far side and beside the railing will be this jacket.

3: As soon as you enter the Women’s Ward by using your poltergeist power to open the door, grab the jacket off the ground on the left side.

4: For this piece, enter room 204 where the rocking lady talks about bugs on the walls and you can spot it on the ground.

5: As soon as you possess Joy to get over the arm pit, you’ll see this jacket on the ground to the left side.

6: When you and Joy separate at the Maniac Ward, go left through the sealed gate and this jacket will be in the far right corner.

7: Just after the previous jacket, drop down the opening in the floor where the cat is and you’ll find this to the left side of the room.

8: When you have possessed the cat and run through the vents, once you exit above the demons there will be a jacket to the far right.

9: Once you deal with the demons and meet up with Joy again, the jacket will be on the ground to the right as soon as you meet her.

10: As you are leading Joy to room 216, duck into room 217 and you’ll find the final jacket inside.

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