Murdered: Soul Suspect ghost stories guide

Ashes to Ashes  

1: When you first enter the house, go up the stairs and across from you on a platform will be the book.

2: To the left of the first stairs, enter the room with the hole in the wall on the right and the book will be on a table under a window.

3: From the previous book, go across the hall into the room there and make a right turn to see this at the far end.

4: In the third room on the right side of the hall, enter it and there will be a door that you can remove to a smaller room. Do so and the book will be inside.

5: When you run into the first group of demons, look for this book behind the bird in the left side of the hallway.

6: Directly across the hall from the previous book will be a room with another bird in it. Look in the closet of this room to see the book there.

7: In the room just before the room where the bird is on the left side of the hallway, there is a bathtub across from a very small room that has a door on it. Walk through the wall where you can to enter the washroom and find the book on the toilet.

8: After you take the stairs down to the first floor, make a right around the first corner and enter the room there to find this book.

9: As you leave the room from the previous book, go to the room across from you on the right to find another.

10: Just before the stairs to the basement, go through this door and make a right through the wall to find this book on the ground.

11: When you reach the investigation area in the basement, go to the left, through the cell and there will be the final book.

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