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Monster Hunter Rise looks incredible in this Unreal Engine 5 remake

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Monster Hunter Rise has been remade in Unreal Engine 5 by one seriously inspired fan.

Over on the Hong Kong-based GC Studio YouTube channel, you can check out the video, which showcases the protagonist Hunter character from Monster Hunter Rise. The player character effortlessly soars over great distances utilizing the Wirebug tool, which has been brilliantly remade along with the hunter's move sets for this demo.

It's a fascinating video, and you can even see parts of how the demo was actually constructed midway through the YouTube video itself. The GC Studio-affiliated developer has even managed to perfectly recreate the striking dummy in the Kamura Village hub area, complete with its moving limbs, fire breathing techniques, and much more. 

Monster Hunter Rise probably won't look quite like this when it arrives on PC next year, but it'll come pretty close. Capcom's excellent action-RPG is primed to arrive early next year on January 12, 2022, bringing the expansive game from the Nintendo Switch system to a brand new audience. To find out what we made of the original launch, you can head over to our full Monster Hunter Rise review for more.

In fact, when Rise arrives on PC for a new player base, it'll contain all the post-launch content we've seen debut in Rise after it first released on Switch earlier this year. This means PC players will immediately be able to delve into new DLC hunts and other collaboration events as soon as they've reached the specified in-game requirements, including that brand new Sonic the Hedgehog crossover event.

Check out our full Monster Hunter Rise combos guide for a full look at every weapon combo and how to pull off each one.

Hirun Cryer

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