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Misfits Series 4: Meet The New Crew

There are big changes in store in Misfits series four , including a bunch of new characters. In SFX 228 – on sale now – we interview the actors donning the famous jumpsuits and serving behind the bar. And to wet your appetites, here are snippets from each of the interviews.

Finn – Nathan McMullen

Lovable. Liverpudlian. Loser.

What does Finn’s telekenesis say about him?
“He’s quite naive, but he’s eager to please. He wants to be your friend, but he tries too hard, and I think that relates to his power. He’s telekinetic, but he doesn’t really know how to use it. He’ll sit at home for two hours a night attempting to use this power and move a pencil an inch. As a person he’ll hopefully realise he doesn’t need to try as hard to please people and likewise, with his power, he doesn’t need to try as hard to use it, otherwise it won’t work properly.”

We hear Rudy and Finn have a double act going on…
“Yeah, it’s something Misfits hasn’t really seen as yet. In previous years you’ve always had one pivotal character who’d throw out jokes left, right and centre, but I think it works well. Rudy sees Finn as an annoying little brother.”

Jess  – Karla Crome

Tough. Troubled. Tetchy.

Jess has X-ray vision – what does her power say about her character?
“There’s a direct correlation really: she sees through people. She’s honest, she’s straightforward, she gets frustrated when people aren’t honest with her. She can see through people and their bullshit like she can see through walls.”

Does Jess get on well with the rest of the gang?
“Jess doesn’t have the element of closeness that Rudy and Finn have, and in a lot of ways she’s a bit sour as a person. She’s got a good heart but she’s not out to make friends. But the friendships she does develop are very loyal. She can’t be bothered with the joking around, boyish stuff, I suppose.”

Alex – Matt Stokoe

Big barman. Big mystery. Big head.

Where do we first meet Alex?
“Alex has a mysterious backstory that’s dripfed to you throughout the series. When we first meet him he’s working in the bar and the only person who seems to know he exists is Curtis. When he catches Jess’s eye there’s a natural attraction, but he starts being really standoffish and won’t let her get past a certain point, and that pricks up the interest of Jess and Finn, who start investigating.”

Are you the straight man this series?
“Yeah, he’s pretty much the straight man. One of the producers described him as the everyman, so he fills the role of the audience when Nathan and Joe are both being really wacky and over the top. He models himself on these brooding males like James Dean and Marlon Brando.”

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