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Michael Bay previews 25 minutes of Transformers...

Although Michael Bay warned the crowd of execs and toy collectors that what they were about to see was “not necessarily the best scenes, but some of the scenes that were finished,” that didn’t stop them from erupting into enthusiastic applause when the reels for each of the four sequences had finished spooling.

And Bay didn’t just win over the fanboys; rumblings from those in the know suggest that Transformers might be better than many in the fan community are expecting.

DreamWorks production chief Adam Goodman – who admittedly is an executive producer on the project, but if you can’t trust someone with that surname, who can you trust? – said “It reminds me of 'Back to the Future' or 'Close Encounters' – real Amblin film from back in the day.”

X-Men producer Tom DeSanto attended, and he seemed just as excited – comparing the footage to his experience on the first X-movie. “People were really going to give that one the smell test,” he said. “And it was a real surprise.”

Prepare to be surprised when Transformers hits cinemas this summer.