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Metroid: Other M - Energy Tank and E-Recovery Tank Guide

Map Legend:

Pink: Energy Tank Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Energy Tank:

1. In the curved grassy room, ride the ladder to the left of the room to a railway and roll through to the energy tank there

Energy Tank Parts:

1. In the corridor leading from the jungle environment, you’ll see a glass enclosure on the wall. Head to the right a little and use a bomb to blow open the hatch on the wall. Roll in and follow along to snag the energy tankpart.

2. Just after the grapple, you’ll run around the corner and come to a door. There is an opening above the door, but to get to it, you need to run through the hallway in front of you, back to the opening, and ShineSpark up to it.

3. Speed boost through the corridor to the far side of the room and jump at the far wall. Screw Attack to the platform and grab the tank.

4. When you are rolling in the shaft on the far west side, there will be a block you can blow out. Do so and roll through to the outside and you can then grapple across to a ledge and grab the energy part there.

5. If you continue along the southern path of the dirt filled corridor, the vent there will drop you out where you first fought the worms. Use the power bomb door and grab the energy tank inside.

E-Recovery Tank:

1. Use the Power Bomb on the door at the top of the stairs and enter after the battle. Gran the E-Recovery tank from the inside and feel free to do a little dance.