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"Massive, massive fun" - horror fans will be pleased with Overlord judging by these early reactions

The JJ Abrams-produced Overlord made a splash with its debut trailer, giving us the tease of a film that was equal parts Call of Duty Zombies and Band of Brothers. But how does the final product hold up? According to those who saw the movie at Fantastic Fest over the weekend, pretty dang well.

While official reviews won't hit until closer to Overlord's wide release on November 9, we can still get an idea of the movie's tone and quality from those lucky enough to get sneak peek. Freelance writer Scott Weinberg kicks things off by reiterating what many of us thought: despite not actually being based on a video game, Overlord kind of gives off that vibe:

Matt Donato, another freelance critic, references a few genre classics (and cult favorites) like The Thing and Re-Animator as heaps on the praise, calling it "massive, MASSIVE fun".

Heather Wixson, managing editor for horror news site Daily Dead, was one of the few to put any kind of caveat on her acclaim, saying the movie might not be to everyone's taste (which, yeah, seems fair) - even so, it seems like she enjoyed it a great deal.

Eric Vespe from Rooster Teeth was simultaneously amused and in awe that such an "unapologetically exploitation-y" movie was getting a wide release.

It wasn't just critics who got to check out the film early, though - Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, was also at this particular screening, and he couldn't get the movie off his mind:

Last but not least, C.Robert Cargill, co-writer of Doctor Strange, encourages everyone to see the movie "big and loud" when it comes to a theater near you.

On the one hand, man I'm glad to hear the movie that looked like tons of fun is going to be tons of fun. On the other hand, why isn't this coming out in time for Halloween?!

Overlord isn't the only scary film coming out this year. If you're the jump scares and gore-loving type, check out our list of upcoming horror movies and get excited. Or if you need a break from the blood and guts, we've also got a list of the most anticipated upcoming movies of 2018 and beyond. 

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