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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch lets you fight (and level) with four of the same hero

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Part of the joy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is putting together diverse teams from a broad roster of heroes, but sometimes you need to double down on one character to get them into fighting shape. Or triple down. Or quadruple down. A glitch in the game's Solo challenges lets you do so with ease for certain heroes, filling out your entire team lineup with just one hero for four times the grinding efficiency.

Before I explain the steps, it should be said that exploiting glitches is not considered superheroic conduct by most. Personally, I'm of the opinion that if you legitimately own a game and you can have fun without harming anybody else's experience, you should be free to do what you want. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 doesn't have any competitive elements to spoil for other players, so follow your heart.

Here's how the glitch works, as established by YouTuber Xiphos Gaming and Reddit users ShinobiSekiro and GaijinGhost.

  1. Start a solo challenge in the Infinity trials mode. Whichever hero the solo challenge stars is the one you'll be able to duplicate in your party.
  2. Fail and return to the lobby.
  3. Go to your team lineup and swap the character in your first slot with a different character.
  4. Play the same solo challenge again and fail.
  5. Go back to your team lineup, see that there are now two Captains America, and then repeat steps 1 through 4 to fill the other two slots.

You can use these monolithic lineups to complete other challenges, or even take them into story mode by using the level select option. Just make sure you don't hit "continue" instead or else your lineup will change and you'll have to do it all over again. If you have an XP-boosting ISO-8 equipped on that character, times four, with all of them feeding into the same XP pool, you can see how this would speed up your character grinding.

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