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Marc Webb talks Sinister Six plans

Marc Webb has been discussing plans for the forthcoming Sinister Six movie, with a special section of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 blu-ray dedicated to what we can expect going forward.

“Here’s the real story,” says Webb, calling back to the first film’s post-credits scene. “At the end of the first movie, there was some lightning with the man in the shadows … there was an idea that maybe this would be the Electro character, but, again, we shot it and it kind of emerged into some other situation.”

“The man in the hat is now, we think of him as The Gentleman who is a benefactor of the Sinister Six. They all emerge from Oscorp and that they are corralled by The Gentleman… they are sort of the mercenaries of Oscorp and the most unruly, beastly set of characters.”

And speaking of Oscorp, Webb also confirms that Norman Osborn will make a return, thanks to a handy cryogenic head-case, allowing him to survive the events of the last film.

Just how he will interact with “The Gentleman” remains to be seen, and indeed, the confirmed lineup of the Six itself has also yet to be confirmed…

“It’s tricky because we’re not exactly sure if all those people are gonna be in T he Sinister Six , or even in the next movie,” says Webb. “Like the Mysterio mask, I just think looks really cool. And I love Mysterio, but we haven’t all agreed on it, but I just forced it in because I thought it looked cool.”

Worth taking that post-credit sting with a pinch of salt then… The Sinister Six will be directed by Drew Goddard and opens in the US on 11 November 2016.

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