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Dark Souls studio gets bigger to take on the world

From Software, the creator of Dark Souls, Otogi and Bloodborne, is establishing an additional studio in Fukuoka, Japan. The new team will support From Software’s Tokyo operation, which has become known for the dark and ominous nature of its worlds. For these creators, the details are in the devil.

The meticulous construction of dangerous places has become something of a signature for From Software, which will rely on its new Fukuoka studio to provide 3D art and assets for upcoming games. Visual standards and work loads have only risen with modern games like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, making the Fukuoka expansion a necessary goal in creating what the studio calls “globally competitive products.” The company’s hiring right now, if you happen to live in the region and can model a decorative pot that not only screams “elegance,” but actually screams at the player when they walk by.

From Software will continue to develop games for multiple platforms after its Fukuoka office starts up in earnest next January. It’s currently finishing up Dark Souls 3 for March, working on an expansion for Bloodborne, and probably putting extra teeth on a thing that was creepy to begin with.

Ludwig Kietzmann
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