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Mad Max: Fury Road black and white edition finally lands a home video release

While the moviegoing world celebrated the brilliance of Mad Max: Fury Roadlast year, its director George Miller was raving about a version of the movie audiences still have yet to see: the black and chrome edition. This black-and-white print is Miller's preferred way of watching the movie, and after a year of teasing, it's headed to home video. 

Over on Amazon Germany a listing for new box set, 'Mad Max: High Octane Collection' has surfaced. The six-disc set includes all four Mad Max movies, and counts the Black and Chrome edition of Fury Road as one of its bonus features. For a quick taster of what to expect, check out our monochromatic take on the trailer: 

The black and white version was a happy accident that came about during post-production, when the sound and music crews were given a high-contrast workprint without color. It was this stark print, with the music added on top, that struck Miller as "very, very powerful." He opted out of pushing for a theatrical release, despite rumors, believing that the studio wouldn't sanction it.  

Fans hoped this cut might appear on the first Blu-ray to hit shelves, and when it didn't Miller added that Warner Bros. may hold it back for release at a later date. Now we know that date - at least for Germany - is September 29, 2016. But what about the rest of the world? According to The Wrap's sources, a "similar version" of the boxset is in the works for the US with no fixed release date or specs confirmed at the moment.  

Images: Warner Bros.  

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