Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 3: O’Bannon Farm

Above: All wrappers from Stage 3

Wrapper No. 18

You’ll reach a part where Nick commandeers a body and tosses you over a boulder into an area filled with zombies. Look for a tree to the left. Behind it, you’ll find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 22

When you reach Rosalind’s bus, zombies will jump off of it and rush towards you (and soon after, flying zombies will appear). Run around to the other side of the bus to find a wrapper. You can also wait until after the fight and the bus has left to collect this one.

Wrapper No. 19

You’ll eventually pass a pen full of zombie cows on your right. Continue up the hill nearby and check behind a tree to your left to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 23

After hopping over a high fence and killing some flying zombies, you’ll arrive at a shop. Just past the shop is a body for Nick. Left of that body is two fat zombies behind a short fence. They’re guarding a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 20

Before you put Nick’s head on the blue body near Wrapper No. 23, run between the two sheds to find a trampoline. Push the buttons as prompted and you’ll bounce into an area with a bunch of medals and a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 24

Soon after passing a shop on your right, you’ll find a dash ramp. Take the jump, but when you land, immediately look to your right to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 21

After you head down the river, you’ll pass a shop on your left. Continue on past two trios of fat zombies and you’ll notice a small wooden silo near the fence along the right side of the area. To the right of that silo, you’ll find a wrapper.