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Lohan's Lovelace finds distributor

International sales on Inferno , the porn biopic now confirmed to star Lindsay Lohan, will be handled by London-based sales house WestEnd Films.

Adapted from the memoir of infamous sword-swallower Linda Lovelace, Inferno follows her destructive relationship with pornographer Chuck Traynor, and her subsequent involvement in the feminist anti-pornography movement.

Inferno is due to shoot in the autumn with Matthew Wilder directing.

Lohan described Inferno as "a tragic love story...the truthfulness of it is in the ways the characters connect, even in very unhealthy ways, and can't get away from each other, find themselves interlocked. That element of Linda's story feels to me very much like real life."

We're sure the gossip rags will have a field day with that last comment.

Reckon LiLo's born to play LiLo?