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Little Nightmares developer releases The Stretchers, a new quirky puzzler for the Switch

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Little Nightmares developer Tarsier studios has dropped a surprise release on the Switch with The Stretchers, a new frantic two player co-op puzzler where you set about trying to rescue injured citizens known as "Dizzies" from a series of bizarre scenarios. 

The new game, which is published by Nintendo, seems to have dropped out of nowhere, with no official announcement revealed prior to its release today. With serious Two Point Hospital vibes, you and a friend can team up to get stuck into the zany adventure by driving to the scene to rescue the poor folks in your ambulance. As you go out on each rescue mission, you'll drive your way through walls and face "other wild perils" on the way. From the sounds of it, you'll be in quite a bumpy ride. 

By using your stretcher, you have to find as many Dizzies as you can and transport them to your ambulance by solving puzzles and avoiding traps along the way. The launch trailer that's just been released paints a suitably madcap picture of the humours puzzler that's definitely a million miles away from the tone of Little Nightmares. 

Each rescue mission will have a variety of achievements and bonus treasures for you to find outside of saving all those wobbly people. Each mission is scored depending on how many achievements you get and how much treasure you find, and you can also bag yourself some stickers for your sticker book, which seems to be the in-game achievement system. You can also customise your medic and homebase, and work to unlock new accessories along the way. 

With its cartoony style, wacky goals, and quirky mechanics, the unexpected reveal is definitely a pleasant surprise and will no doubt be a fun addition to the Switch library. 

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