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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Count Dooku: Defenders of Peace


Special skills needed: None

Blast away the 10 palm trees spread throughout the battlefield.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Shortly after the silver fence, to the left is the Bounty Hunter panel. Same as usual - blast 50 droids in the time limit.


Special skills needed: None

This one's just sitting around, hiding to the right of where the level begins.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Keep going up the left edge of the battlefield to find a Sith Force-destroyable rock.


Special skills needed: Astromech

Assemble the panel at the southern edge of the battlefield to unlock a tractor. Don't bother riding it because it's slow as hell, but just collect all the studs that appear.


Special skills needed: Electric

Activate the electric panel on the far right battlefield wall, and grapple the hook that appears.


Special skills needed: Protocol

Get the Protocol panel on the bottom-right area of the battlefield and fly over the buttons that appear.


Special skills needed: None

Take control of the top-left battle space, and build three machines, BUT NOT ON the space where a special panel appears if you walk on top of it. After you build three machines, that special panel will open up to reveal a Minikit.


Special skills needed: None

Destroy three of the blue enemy ships.


Special skills needed: None

Build a Minikit Dispenser