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LEGO-like MEGA Bloks partners with Need for Speed

How often has this happened to you? You're sitting there, playing the latest Need for Speed game and trash-talking all the competition,but thenyouhave a sudden urgeto stop playing andconstruct your own NFS vehicles with buildable block sets. Well lucky you - that urge will soon be satiable.

Thanks to a new partnership between EA and MEGA Brands, Need for Speed-themed MEGA Bloks - which are like LEGO blocks, onlyless-swallowable in their larger forms- will soon be coming to a store near you.

MEGABrands "chief innovation officer" Vic Bertrand is excited about the new partnership, saying in a statement, "Whether it's realistic driving games or over-the-top car pursuits, Need for Speed has attracted millions of followers worldwide... We look forward to bringing this world to life through MEGA Bloks by offering fans an action-packed building experience."

Because nothing screams out action quite like attaching blocks to each other.

This also makes us excited about other potential merchandising opportunities for EA. We expect FIFA vuvuzelas, Crysis dolls, and Tiger Woods... toys... to be introduced stat.

Nov 30, 2010