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Korean ratings site lists Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered on PS4

(Image credit: EA)

It looks like a remaster of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is on the horizon. A listing for the game has shown up on Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee website, suggesting an official announcement for PS4 may not be that far away.

The listing (translated via Google) describes a “PlayStation 4 racing game with the content of racing on the road.” It also describes “slight violence,” expressed primarily through “speeding or reckless driving and attacking police vehicles.” That sounds about right for Hot Pursuit, which is defined by its high-speed police chases.

Presumably, a remaster refers to the 2010 version of Hot Pursuit, rather than the originals. The third Need for Speed game, released in 1998, was also titled Hot Pursuit and was followed up by a sequel in 2002. A two-decade gap, however, would probably require a little more than a remaster before it could be brought to current-gen consoles.

Leaks pertaining to the remaster have popped up a couple of times already this year. A report in June cited an EA source that pointed to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch versions of the game. A few weeks later, a listing for Xbox One and Switch versions showed up on Amazon UK, pointing to a November 13 release, but was swiftly pulled back down. Elsewhere, former Burnout studio Criterion is said to be working on a next-gen Need for Speed, but that’s more likely to be a separate project from this one.

A listing at a game rating site suggests that not only were those two previous leaks pretty accurate, but that an official announcement might not be that far away. 

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