Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Peacebringer (Insula Dracon)

Cauda #1

Coordinates: 40.545, 34.534

There’s a fairly large cave under Grotta Contrabandero. Enter from the beach to the east to find a part inside.

Cauda #2

Coordinates: 41.095, 34.962

In the middle of the largest part of the province is a dip between two hills. Check there to find a part.

Trio #1

Coordinates: 42.195, 35.610

Head for the water east of Porto Darsena. There’s a small sandbar near the steep cliffs where a vintage part is buried.

Trio #2

Coordinates: 42.352, 35.310

There’s another part buried near the bridge immediately north of Porto Darsena. Check the beach below the bridge to find it.

Trio #3

Coordinates: 42.368, 34.828

The third part is buried immediately northwest of the same camp, Porto Darsena. Look in the hills to find it.

Petra #1

Coordinates: 40.649, 36.345

This part is found near the centre of the largest island in southern Petra, just north of Platteforma Petra I.

Petra #2

Coordinates: 40.976, 36.534

The second is part is north of the previous one, on the next island. Look atop the hill at the island’s centre.

Petra #3

Coordinates: 41.909, 37.066

There’s an island with a ruined structure just northeast of Sancte Cintia. Parachute down there to find a part buried by the rear wall.

Massos #1

Coordinates: 42.426, 37.502

Head for the island just east Guardia Massos I, north of of Cinta. There’s a part buried on the top of the hill there.

Massos #2

Coordinates: 43.044, 36.819

There’s a small cave off the highway leading to the northern chunk of the province. Check inside to find this.

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