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Just Cause 3 patch will let you spend less time loading, more time exploding

Just Cause 3 has some performance and loading issues across all platforms, which really interferes with its spontaneous chaos vibe. But your wingsuit buzz should be un-harshened by "significantly improved loading times" after installing Just Cause 3's first big update, according to the game's official blog.

Just Cause 3 Patch 1.02 hit PS4 in Europe this morning and is set to reach Xbox and other regions in "the next day or two." Aside from load times, Patch 1.02 is also meant to deliver "general stability fixes," optimize online stat keeping, and fix a glitch where vehicles would sometimes disappear when starting a challenge.

Avalanche Studios says the patch is the first part of a larger plan to optimize performance and otherwise improve Just Cause 3. Despite setting the stage for substantial changes, the studio did defend a few of its design choices. For instance, leaving off the shooter-standard Sprint and Crouch buttons is meant to encourage players to use Rico's grappling hook for constant, speedy movement, rather than darting from cover to cover like a mundane ground walker. So I wouldn't expect those features to arrive in an update.

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Connor Sheridan
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