Here's how Just Cause 3's performance compares on PS4 and Xbox One

Video game performance experts Digital Foundry have taken Just Cause 3 (opens in new tab) out for a spin on Xbox One and PS4 and their preliminary findings (opens in new tab) are less than inspiring. PS4 edges out Xbox One by having a higher native resolution (1920x1080 vs 1600x900), as well as a slightly better framerate. Both consoles struggle to keep pace with the targeted 30 fps however, with Xbox One dipping as low as 20 frames per second and PS4 dropping to 24 during particularly chaotic moments and/or large explosions (which the game has a lot of).

The PS4 has an issue all its own, however. Digital Foundry noticed that occasionally, the PS4 version of Just Cause 3 would jump above 30 fps, giving the game spats of extra frames. While normally a bigger number is better, stability is key to keeping the experience from feeling jumpy - and as of right now, neither console seems to be demonstrating much of that.

All that being said, if you were planning to pick up Just Cause 3 on console and think you can tolerate what you see in the video above, then by all means enjoy your game. Don't let anyone or any tests tell you that you shouldn't have fun.

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