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Just Cause 3 daredevil jump guide

Insula Striate


Coordinates: 45.741, 35.179

On the outskirts of Vista Dracon.

Val De Mar #1

Coordinates: 44.725, 42.356

This ramp is just west of Guardia Val De Mar IV.

Val De Mar #2

Coordinates: 46.723, 42.057

High up in the mountains between the two lakes in the middle of the province.

Costa Sud #1

Coordinates: 44.302, 45.446

This ramp overlooks Perla Est from the north, right on the town’s border.

Costa Sud #2

Coordinates: 46.114, 44.417

Just northeast of Sancte Evita.

Litore Torto #1

Coordinates: 47.421, 45.716

Overlooking the large lake in the southern part of the province.

Litore Torto #2

Coordinates: 49.222, 45.045

The game’s final jump is adjacent to Sancte Malco.

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