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Josh Hartnett wants puppet love?

"I'm going to Romania to shoot this film called Bunraku," says Josh Harnett, talking to MTV News , "All the cast isn't set yet, but it's going to be a lot of really interesting actors, in this weird kind of papier-mâché world."

Say what?

Describing something that sounds like a cross between anime and the world of Being John Malkovich’s puppet loving John Cusack character brought to vivid life, it’s based on a 400-year-old Japanese theatre tradition that blends real human actors with puppets and chanting.

"The script has a lot of fight sequences, but it's more about these crazy characters," Hartnett explains. "Like my character, he's a gypsy and he's coming into town and he's got something to prove - and no one really knows what he's about. It's not fantasy. Well, I mean, it's fantasy in that it's not reality, but it's not Narnia. It's a film that, I don't know how to stick it into a genre, but I would say it's more a film like Sin City than anything else."

Hmm. Head to the link for more.