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Jason Reitman picks up Juno

It’s always sad when directing dads have to give up their movie children due to the pressures of schedule and workload. But we’re pleased to report that Juno, a comedy about a pregnant teen girl facing tough choices in her life, has been left in a basket on Jason Reitman’s doorstep with the message “please look after this cine-child.”

And the Thank You For Smoking helmer has decided to take in the wayward, rapidly developing script-spawn (we promise we’ll be out of these stretched metaphors shortly) and make it his own. Written by Diablo Cody, the story is described as a darkly humorous Napoleon Dynamite-alike plot which finds teenager Juno McGuff up the duff after one night of sexual madness with best friend Paulie Bleeker. Convinced she can’t care for the sprog, she lets childless couple Vanessa and Mark Loring sign up to care for the baby when it arrives.

Trouble strikes when Juno moves in with the pair and develops a massive crush on the hubbie, while finally coming to realise that her true love is actually her baby daddy. Reitman will call the shots and start practicing his breathing exercises in January.