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iPhone game of the day: StarCannon

Game: StarCannon
Price: £0.59/$0.99
Size: 12.2MB
On sale: Now

The great thing about iPhone is that it's been reviving old genres in new and exciting ways. Star Cannon from Jagex is a straight-up top-down shooter controlled with a single finger.

The craft follows your finger as you drag it around the screen, firing automatically as long as you're touching its surface. There are three upgradeable weapons types, a slow-motion bonus mode and massive bombs to be collected and fired.

Above:Tap thecircles at the bottomto fire bombs and start slow-mo

We do wish the craft's movement was mapped 1:1 with your finger instead of moving towards it as you play, but that's our only real complaint.

Upgraded weapons are a lot of fun to fire and the bosses keep getting bigger and bigger. We love picking them apart - there's something innately satisfying about shooting off the right wing of an enemy ship, then the left and finally destroying the hull.It's a solid iPhone shooter… even if it does turn the tip of your finger pink.

Buy it now from iTunes

16 Apr, 2010