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"I didn’t get answers. I got questions" – The internet reacts to Westworld season 2, episode 7

An image from Westworld season 2, episode 7

Just when we thought we were out, Westworld season 2 pulls us right back in. There’s a lot to talk about this week and the internet was, rightfully, abuzz with what went down. Here’s what Twitter made of Westworld turning things upside down this week. Spoilers for Westworld season 2, episode 7 will follow so, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Where is Bernard, what is Bernard... *why* is Bernard?

So, that whole Multiple Bernard theory turned out to be true – except that isn’t the half of it. Ford’s back, as we saw last week, and now he’s… taken over Bernard?! Or has he? He did say he would degrade back in the real world, after all. Hmm. The plot thickens.

Is the Man in Black dead?

After all the terrible things he’s perpetrated in the name of Ford’s game, it appears the black-clad William may have met his end this week. Everyone was just a teensy-weensy bit happy about that.

The shootout to end all shootouts

Maeve vs. William. Oh, yes. We got the two going toe-to-toe this week in what turned out to be one of the show’s most pulse-pounding gunfights. Who won? Well, no-one, really. Maeve and The Man in Black may not even live to reach the Valley Beyond. Speaking of which…

Sector 16, Zone 4

Not since Lost have random numbers meant so much. Heck, they even share two of the digits! We’re finally going to the valley beyond (or at least, we now know where it is). Are the numbers significant? What lies there? Ford’s Delos reveal about copying the guests is going to play into all of this somehow, isn’t it?


Westworld is head-scratching at the best of times, but this week just had us all lose our minds with the amount of questions the show gave us. What’s Ford up to? What timeline is this? The Valley Beyond? Who’s dead? Who isn’t dead? Welcome to Westworld, I guess?

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