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"I can’t wait for Kevin Feige to retcon X-Men" – The Dark Phoenix trailer is here and opinion is… mixed

The first X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer is here. Oh boy. It’s the last movie in the series before the X-Men rights go over to you-know-who. This is it after 19 years and there’s just so much to take in: Jean Grey gone bad; a possible Magneto team-up with one of the purest X-Men, a probable big death, and so much more. 

The internet, as ever, has come prepared with its laundry list of hot takes and overreactions about the Dark Phoenix trailer. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

This is the end

Welp. A lot of fans aren’t taking the fact that the Dark Phoenix trailer is the beginning of the end for Fox’s X-Men output very well at all. Sad face.

Jean Grey as the focus: good or bad?

This one’s going to split opinion right down the middle. Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner is back again as Jean Grey – and the Phoenix Force seems to have gotten its mitts on her, as she looks suitably evil throughout the trailer. That’s not even taking into account Jessica Chastain’s character and her nefarious influence. Still, some fans aren’t convinced.

Costume drama

One thing is for certain: no one’s a big believer in these X-Men costumes. Far from carrying the sheen of previous movies, these look downright ropey.

Death in the family

Someone’s popping their clogs – but who? Spoilers here: because everyone seems to have figured out whose funeral that is. Bonus points for those saying the X-Men franchise is in that casket. Hi-bloody-larious.

But it's not all that bad

There’s a select few fans who are really excited. There’s Spongebob memes and everything.

Along with the trailer, Fox also released the first Dark Phoenix poster and you can feast your eyes on it below:

Mark the date: February 14, 2019. But that's not all, as there's even more upcoming movies on the way.

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