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Homefront newspaper guide

The Wall (8 Newspapers)

1. After Connor pushes over the fridge so you can leave Oasis you will find this right in your path. It’s on the ground on your left hand side, near the house.

2. Your squad will stop at a fence gate before busting it open to advance. Walk straight ahead to where the pool is and go around it to the right while facing it.

3. When storming down the street and protecting Goliath from the rocket launchers you will have to take a detour to get this paper. There is a house on the right side of the street with an open garage attached to it. This garage has a red car wreck in front of it. Go inside and look immediately to your right to find this elusive paper.

4. You will face a tank at the wall and retreat through a house to evade it. Circle behind it and destroy it with Goliath. Now turn to the barricade behind you (it was to your left going through the fence) and search the ground near it to find this paper tucked away.

5. Shortly after destroying the tank you will watch choppers strafing civilian targets and then drop into an aqueduct looking area. Straight ahead of you, lying in the bushes under graffiti on the wall, is the next paper.

6. As you leave the Aqueduct you will meet up with the other Resistance members. After the rolling fence is moved out of the way for you walk straight ahead and look to the dumpster forward and to your left. It’s on the ground in the corner there.

7. Conner, you and some redshirts will storm the streets to take down some roadblocks. Look at the buildings on your right hand side to spot a green sign for a massage parlor. The paper is lying on the ground on the side of the building, right by a dumpster.

8. After fighting you way through the White Castle and going through the alley into an auto-shop go into the second room of the building. Here you will find a Service Counter. Go behind it to find this paper lying on the floor.