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Homefront newspaper guide

Freedom (16 Newspapers)

1. When you wake up in Oasis follow Boone for a walk outside. As you follow him he will enter a house and say “Hey Sally.” Go inside after him and look to your left to find a small room, the paper is in here.

2. While leaving the first house Boone will suggest that you look around and introduce yourself to people. Walk down the path in front of you and you will see a boy on a swing. Turn to your left to see a blue house. The paper is in the right corner of the outside area of this house.

3. As soon as you exit the tunnel you will meet up with Hopper. Up ahead of you is a fence you must pass through but instead hug the building to your left. The paper is around the corner at the end of the building, lying in the tall grass.

4. After picking up the previous collectible turn around 180 degrees and you will see a white shack on your right hand side. Walk forward and go around the shack, to the front. Inside of said shack you will find this paper lying on the floor.

5. You will come to an automated Korean Sentry that is scanning for stragglers. Get caught in the blue light and you get shot up. The collectible is to the right of the door you come out, in the corner near the fence, but if you try to get it immediately you’ll get shot. Instead take out the sentry and then go for it.

6. After destroying the Sentry you will enter a house and have to start an ambush in a yard. Clear the yard as well as the house and go onto the next street. As soon as exiting the house you will see a school bus to your right. Turn to your right and go around the outside of the house to find this lying in the corner in the grass.

7. Once you’ve grabbed that one walk along the road in the direction the school bus faces. You will see a flag pole in the middle of this area. Run over to it and jump up onto the base to find another newspaper lying out in the open.

8. After picking up the last paper turn to the right until you see another school bus. Go inside this one to find the paper on the floor.

9. Crossing the street with the school buses will leave you at a gymnasium. Go inside and when you see Rianna walk past her. In the far corner, behind the crates you can find this on the ground.

10. As soon as you step out into the playground turn to your right. Go around the fence, turning to the left and you should see this in the distance. It’s near the far wall resting on some debris.

11. Go back to the doors you used to enter the playground and look to your right. There are chalk drawings on the ground leading to a jungle gym. Even from the doors you should be able to see the light of the newspaper so head on over and grab it.

12. When you leave the playground you will pass a blue house. Look inside of the child’s wading pool to find this newspaper.

13. The next two are found rather quickly after you enter the labor camp. Follow the short path until you reach the street and look to your right. You should see the paper across the street, clear as day.

14. To get the next one immediately turn around. Walk up the stairs towards the blue house and go around the right side. Duck under the clotheslines and snatch this one. Only two more left!

15. While following Arnie you will approach a gate. Before entering it turn around and you will see a white lawn chair near a wooden table. The newspaper is lying on the table.

16. With the beacons in hand you will attempt to escape the place by cutting through a baseball field. As you do so you will pass a white camper with a blue car across from it. The paper is on the ground between the two. It’s pretty much impossible to miss without staring at the night sky…