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Here's your chance to let Fall Guys know what rounds you like… and which ones you don't

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Fall Guys Season 2 might be here, but don't go thinking Mediatonic is taking a break any time soon, as thoughts are already turning to what courses reign supreme.

As the development team preps for the next round of delightful treats and surprises, it's looking for information from you, the Fall Guys Faithful, for feedback on your favourite courses, as well as your thoughts on what ones you don't like (*cough* Gate Crash *cough*).

"Please may you fill in another survey?" politely enquires the official Fall Guys Twitter account. "This one is all about rounds! Which you like. Which you dislike."

That's not all, though. The Mediatonic team would also like to know "how many new [rounds] you expect to see each season", as it will "REALLY help shape Fall Guys moving forward if you could fill this in".

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To offer feedback, head on over to the Fall Guys Rounds Survey.

ICYMI, yesterday we learned that Fall Guys is introducing a brand new Show playlist called Slime Survivors. The mode will be grouping together all the game's Survival rounds into one playlist. Don't panic, though – this doesn't mean the playlist will just be back-to-back Slime Climb games.

This is all part of the ongoing Fall Guys Season 2, which first kicked off last week on PC and PS4. It introduced the new Medieval theme to the game, so you can be sure to find plenty of knights and dragon-themed outfits in the game's store and battle pass system.

There have been plenty of Fall Guys Season 2 changes introduced, including new customisation options, playlists to limit the types of rounds you'll face, and a generous extra helping of Crowns to supplement your Episode wins in Fall Guys. If you're ready to get Medieval, then here's everything you need to know about the biggest Fall Guys Season 2 changes.

For all the essential tips and tricks you need to get yourself that bit closer to a Crown in Season 2, head over to our Fall Guys tips page.

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