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Here's how GTA Online's next big update will let you build a criminal empire

It's been nearly five years since we saw GTA 5's debut trailer, but the video for the next big update coming to GTA Online proves Rockstar still has plenty more to add. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony looks like it will easily be the biggest and most impactful update to the multiplayer game since Heists were added early last year.

Stealing contraband from other criminals so I can buy a bigger skyscraper? Sounds good to me. My main question is how much I'll need to have a set group of players to roll with if I want to get ahead in the smuggling business. Heists definitely went better with a dedicated group but those can be hard to find when you have limited time to play. We won't have to wait too long to find out either way, since the update will arrive on Tuesday, June 7.

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Connor Sheridan
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